Hi – I’m James Baillie. I’m a historian, writer, storyteller, programmer, and probably a few other things too, once described as “the psephological nacre in the bivalve of progressive politics”. I’m the chair of the Radical Association, a radical policy ginger group within the UK’s Liberal Democrat party. This is my blog for the political side of what I do, mostly featuring strongly liberal/leftist political views (which should not be assumed to be exactly those of the RA), quite a lot of numbers, and very, very sporadic posting rates at best.

Other places you can find me online include Exilian, an online creative community I helped found that’s run democratically with members all over the world. I also have a twitter (@Jubalbarca) which you’re welcome to follow if you’re really that bored.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the content here – or, rather, I hope you’re informed by it, as that’s rather more the aim – and do feel free to comment on anything. I do my best to reply to things, though I may take a while and reserve the right at all times to decide to wander off and paint tiny toy aliens or read Herodotus or whatever the hell else I’m doing.


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