Hi – I’m James Baillie. I’m a historian, writer, storyteller, programmer, and probably a few other things too, once described as “the psephological nacre in the bivalve of progressive politics”. I’m a former chair and current activist in the Radical Association, a radical policy ginger group within the UK’s Liberal Democrat party, and currently also a council member of the party’s centre-left think tank, the Social Liberal Forum. This is my blog for the political side of what I do. This frequently features strongly liberal/leftist political views (which should not be assumed to be exactly those of any groups in which I’m involved), quite a lot of numbers, and very, very sporadic posting rates at best.

Other places you can find me online include Exilian, an online creative community I helped found that’s run democratically with members all over the world. I also have a twitter (@Jubalbarca) and Mastodon (@JubalBarca@Mastodon.at) which you’re welcome to follow if you’re really that bored.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the content here – or, rather, I hope you’re informed by it, as that’s rather more the aim – and do feel free to comment on anything. I do my best to reply to things, though I may take a while and reserve the right at all times to decide to wander off and paint tiny toy aliens or write about owlbears instead or read Herodotus or whatever else I’m doing.


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